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Emmanuel Mathias known as MC Pilipili from Dodoma came to Dar-Es-Salaam two years ago with a dream to become a stand up comedian.

d up comedy. He then started learning and exploring from other stand up comedians to see how they write their materials. 

His materials come from the everyday life “ a bus, plane, church or home whatever idea I get I record it” Emmanuel says.

Writing comedy routines, the comedian reveals “ the introduction has to  be decent in order for the people to laugh they need to understand the situation” reveals Emmanuel. Furthermore, the stand up comedian states,

“ You need to be funny and create some few laughs”.

Entertainment comes with a passion but for most comedians there is that fear of the audience not laughing at your jokes. For Emmanuel comedy comes with a laugh when asked what he happens if the audience don’t laugh at his jokes his response was “That’s one of my biggest fears in order for people to laugh you need to make an extra joke. You need to understand, the audience and before you write the jokes you need to take a look at your audience”.  In his time as a comedian MC Pilipili states that he writes two materials for the poor and for the rich “ Not everything will make people laugh. Just enjoy the show crack a joke pray before you perform”.

Till this day Emmanuel still gets nervous when performing but for the MC it pushes him to do better. He normally performs for an hour.

Growing up MC Pilipili ‘s role models are in Tanzania, East Africa and international. He cites Msanja, Joti, Trevor Noah but his favorite comedian is Kevin Hart.

When asked what challenges he faces he reveals, “ people don’t take me seriously, comedy can be a gift and a curse most parents don’t believe comedy as a career,” the comedian states.

This year has been a tremendous experience for the comedian one of his favorite quote is  “2014 is meant for me I love God and Believe in God,

A lot of things have come my way and I have started a TV show, a radio show and now I own my first car and an office. At the moment I am doing about five things”. MC Pilipili reveals.

Ever since becoming a stand up comedian Emmanuel has exceled in a lot of things when asked where he sees himself in five years his reply was “ I see myself being a big person in both of my careers for now I am trying to go back to school to brush my English. In five years I think I will be very far”.

Emmanuel’s advice is “Believe in God what I believe is everybody is somebody in this world and he or she can fit in especially in the entertainment industry. Focus on one talent find time for yourself. Seek advice from relatives and friends ask them who I am and once they tell you then you will find your way. Believe in yourself and God and keep on learning”.

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